Boycott China as a Tool for Protest

The West Phillippine Sea Territorial dispute.

The ongoing territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea between China and the Philippines demands our attention. Recent reports of China holding onto an agreement with former President Duterte have raised concerns about loyalty and trust. It is imperative that we avoid warmongering, as history has shown that wars only lead to devastation and suffering for all involved. In today’s interconnected world, the ramifications of conflict could potentially escalate into a global catastrophe. Instead, I propose a peaceful and impactful solution: a unified boycott. By boycotting Chinese goods and refusing to engage in trade with Chinese companies, we can exert economic pressure that may influence the Chinese government’s actions. This strategy must be embraced not only by Filipinos but also by all peace-loving nations, sending a powerful message that bullying and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

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