No Room for Bullies

China’s bullying and aggressive behavior towards the Philippines has been a persistent problem in recent years. However, there is good news! China will not be able to intimidate the Philippines in the presence of other powerful military forces. During joint exercises in the West Philippine Sea, the Philippines, France, and the United States monitored no Chinese vessels, despite a recent surge in Chinese ships in the area. This ongoing effort aims to bolster the combat readiness and operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Commodore Roy Vincent Trinidad, Navy spokesperson for the West Philippine Sea, expects China to behave well due to the presence of foreign navies and China’s use of military or gray ships. It is a shame that China has consistently targeted the Philippines with illegal, unprovoked, and uncalled-for actions. However, it is reassuring that the Philippines can rely on the support of other countries to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. China must understand that it cannot afford to abuse its smaller, weaker, and poorly armed neighbors. The Philippines deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

Let us hope that China will stop its aggressive behavior towards the Philippines and other countries in the region, and choose to act in a manner that is more conducive to peace and stability.


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