Tatak Pinoy

As I was browsing the comments on my previous FB post, some lamented that there are few alternatives to using Chinese products and blamed the government. I cannot agree more. But we cannot only blame the government if we the masses do not patronize our products resulting in fewer locals venturing into businesses. Less demand results in less supply. I bet many of us are not aware of the Tatak Pinoy Act.

The Tatak Pinoy (TP) Act, also known as Republic Act 11981, generates tremendous excitement. This visionary law is set to foster a more robust and effective partnership between the government and private sector in the Philippines. By working together, these two stakeholders can pave the way for the development of local industries, sustainable economic growth, and increased opportunities for Filipinos in their own country. The Tatak Pinoy (TP) Act is the key to unlocking the full potential of the Philippines and creating a brighter future for all.

Let us give ourselves a chance. Boycott China and support our own. Let us stop thinking that you will not make a difference. No change, no chance.


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