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Youtube Reaction Videos

     Reaction videos are on the rise on youtube especially about music from popular artists. More and more channels are dedicating themselves to reacting to music videos. Most viral artists on the internet are bound to gain more reaction videos and millions of viewers are following them. Maybe the phenomenon is due to people’s personal feelings when watching good artists and they can relate to watching the reactors although some are staged or overreactions. When you’re watching someone react to a music video, and you see them smile, or want to dance, you know the feeling because that’s how you feel too.  And somehow that realization makes you happy. Reaction videos show us that we are the same, even though different. We feel immediately bonded to them because we know how they feel.

     I particularly checked out channels reacting to Filipino artists’ videos. And there are lots of them! They all receive a good number of views, likes, and new subscribers with most of them having the same audiences. Meaning, a viewer will watch a couple of music videos reacting to the same videos already watched just so he can enjoy other people’s reactions. And millions of viewers are doing the same!

     I also found out that millions of Filipino reaction video viewers are fond of following other foreign reactors’ channels finding it more interesting to see how they react to local talents.

     Below is a viral Filipino artist video about who to react to and receive tons of views, likes, and subscriptions. Good luck Youtubers!


Who to react to and acquire thousands of likes and subscribers.


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