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Playing Guitar for Social Media (Radboud Withaar)

A Talk With Social Media Pros #8

For this interview, I brought one of my favorite guitarists on Instagram who has been killing it every single week.

His name is Radboud Withaar and he’s a musician from the Netherlands with a style ranging from rock all the way up to blues.

He uses his Instagram account to share his ideas, snippets and engage with the music community day in and day out.

Enough introductions! Let’s begin.

How Did You Start Playing Guitar?

I’ve always liked music that had a guitar in it, like U2, Iron Maiden and AC-DC, and one day I thought “I’m going to be a guitar player.” It was a decision I made from day one!

I took lessons and learned a lot of styles. That’s basically how it all came together.

How Is Your Practice Routine Looking These Days?

Every day is different, some days I don’t have any time at all for practice, other days I have a couple of hours, of course, I like days where I can practice a lot.

These days I practice anything with rhythm and with a metronome, it doesn’t matter if it’s skills, licks or if it’s some chords, anything with rhythm is good at this moment because I feel I’m weak at that.

Of course, I combine this with some other technical stuff to keep learning.

I also try to learn and listen to a lot of songs, because I think listening to music is a really important part of practicing since you don’t know how to play what you like if you don’t how music sounds.

How Did You Choose Which Social Media To Post Your Content On?

I actually didn’t choose! 3 years ago a singer from my band told me that I should really get an account on Instagram and that’s what I did!


Radboud Withaar

I started by putting a coffee post on it and it got 3 likes or so, then I went and put another random picture which didn’t get any likes, and finally I started putting out videos where I played some music and that’s where people started liking it a lot more, so I continued with it rather than taking photos of coffee!

What Are You Doing Different Inside Your Niche?

I don’t know if I’m doing anything different, the only thing I do is that I play my own music and while that might make it slightly different I also see a lot of other amazing guitar players doing the same.

I think it helps out a lot if you play what you feel because there are a lot of people who play covers and do a fantastic job with it and it’s something that is hard to compete, thus making it harder for you to stand out from all of the other accounts.

Are There Any Plans In The Future Regarding Your Work?

I don’t have any future plans right now. Of course, I want to go on stage and perform, but not yet.

Regarding my own music, I released an album last year and I’m currently working on new stuff and maybe in the next few months, I’ll put out some singles here and there.

If You Had to Pick One Social Media Account You Look Up To, Which One Would It Be And Why?

I actually don’t look too much at what other people do on Instagram and try to do my own stuff, of course, there are a lot of other guitarists that I like and who do great stuff, but I can’t say there’s one that I look up to.

You can check out Radboud’s Instagram page here:

Radboud Withaar (@radboudwithaar) * Instagram photos and videos

He still takes pics of his coffee which I totally approve being a coffee snob myself haha!

You can hear his new album here:

Radboud Withaar

Special thanks to Radboud for taking the time to do this!

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