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How to start earning money or just become a popular social media star

I was always wondering how many accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterests and many others manage to have too many followers or subscribers base on their site contents which I do not find that much interesting.  So I tapped on my best friend who is very much informed about what is going on in the internet, my friend Mr. Google. I asked him how they are doing it and if there is a trick I do not know. Perhaps i’m too well behind since I was away from the computer for a few years. Alas, I did not know there are many websites offering services to promote your social media whether it is following, sharing, liking or even viewing. 

This is How it Works

Ok, so I decided to visit the sites and see how it generally works. After registering, I found out that many members are busy clicking profile links to give likes or share on different social media platforms. So indeed they are organic traffic spending their time clicking account links possibly all day. So why they keep on doing that and driving real traffic to many social media accounts? And this is how it works. You gain credit from clicking those links and the more points you gain allows you to post your own link for all to do the same. So you earn points and use them to pay (with points too) to do the requested task on your account too. So the more you have points the more you can request members to visit your site and do whatever is it you want whether its liking , subscribing and the likes. And here is the catch.

So What’s the Catch?

Of course the website owners must earn something from the members for their hard work. They would not charge you from registering but unless you want to stay on the site clicking the whole day you wont earn enough points. BUT, they have an option to buy  some points you can use in promoting your own link. And for those who have big enough budget for promotions can really make use of this service.


Among the sites I visited, it seems offers the better service. They have a quite simple set up  that  is very easy to understand. So if you can spend time all day clicking links to earn points, FollowLike.Net is for you. Just the same, if you have enough money to spare it may be worth a try buying your way into popularity or setting your capital for future earnings. Either way, its cool and very good way to start up. Visit the site below for more details.

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